Dethrone-Blood & Love on a Crown

Fact: Every King Must Know- Karma is a Ruthless Bitch. She will get you at your happiest moment, or when a bitch is sucking your dick. Her revenge is like no other. She strikes when your pockets are overflowing with money, and everything is right.That is when she comes to make you reap what you sowed. The thing about Karma is when you're laying on your deathbed, with a tube down your throat and begging to live she strikes. She brings up all the old shit you did. The faces of the people you made cry, every pain you caused,every bitch or nigga you betrayed. There you are at her mercy, she refuses to give grace because she’s coming for the big payback. She gives two fucks about your tears or fears.Ain’t no numbing or running from Karma’s punishment because you created her with your actions. As the bullets went through my back, I didn’t shed a tear. She came with the vengeance that I put out. She made me pay what I owed her. She’s the only bitch I allowed to make me cry. Karma is the only broad I could never defeat.There paralyzed with nowhere to go she replayed my sins from beginning to end. Made me realize one thing for sure and two things for certain karma is like a boomerang; it is the vicious cycle you create. She ain't the broad to fuck with.- Aseem Leviticus

Chapter 1-Tamyara Brown

The Evolution of Karma Reign. Essence’s Best Shot

Essence was my bottom bitch, pretty cocoa brown complexion, skin smooth as a baby’s ass, almond-shaped eyes, and she always switched. Essence was the type of broad that would fuck your best friend to make you happy. She’d stick drugs up her ass to bring up north, slit a bitch face wide open and rob a preacher of his Sunday tithes just to please me. Her loyalty was unmatched, yet to me she was wild as a coyote but never a leader. She was more like a cackling hyena wild and my pawn. A bitch that was trained to do as command. She didn’t order her steps like a queen; everything she did was on impulse and emotion like every hood rat. I underestimated that a pauper can take down a king because she learned from me. Fuck me for sleeping on the weakest link she taught me loyalty has an expiration date.

Though pretty in the face, dark smooth skin, a fat ass to smack and fuck, but she could never be my woman. She loved me with an intensity dudes dreamed about. The fuck up thing is I could never love her exactly the way she needed cause she was my servant. I was a happily married man to the streets, my son, and my wife. Her lack of love for herself and my lack of disrespect caused her to snap. 

How do you dethrone a king? 

I was the king of the streets until a bitch named Karma came gunning for my soul. Maybe I shouldn’t have killed my best friend’s daughter. From the moment I ended her life ain’t I ain’t have nothing but more drama and trauma. Maybe Yolanda was god’s lost angel, but when it comes to my dime, time and product death is the only answer.

Have you ever doubted your gut? On this day I let my dick rule my better judgment. Essence’s house was always ghetto fabulous with the big screen T.V., rent a center furniture, expensive shit she couldn’t even pronounce, clean, neat, and smelled like strawberry incense. She made me shrimp and grits, cheddar biscuits, and a big ass glass of lemonade. My stomach was full and then she fucked me like I liked it. She sat on my dick reverse cowgirl, bouncing her ass to my rhythm. The whore stamp just above her ass said, “Aseem’s Loyal Bitch.” I came inside of her, moaned and was ready to take a nap. She cuddled next to me, and I nudged her away. I turned on her 65 inch television, watched Power, she was hemming like I gave a fuck. She kissed my neck, and I pushed her away.

Essence rose from the bed and stood her stupid ass in front of the T.V. and asked, “Nigga, have you ever loved me?”

I chuckled and answered, “Bitch, I don’t even respect you. How do you figure I would ever love you?”

Her mouth dropped open, and she asked, “Ameen, are you really coming for my soul like someone who owes you money?” A single tear ran down her face, she began to tremble,and let out a sob.

“I ain’t never loved you, period.”

“Ain’t nobody been there for you like I have. Dude, all those times riding with you until the wheels came off, and it means nothing to you. Wow, say less, Aseem.”

“Cut it out with all that crying and shit. What are you pmsing or something? Don’t let the blood about to drip from your pussy fool you into thinking I give two fucks about your life. You. ain’t shit to me but my servant.”

“Oh okay. A servant who helped you get everything you got. It was me who risked her life and you coming at me real greasy.”

“Bitch, that’s your responsibility to make me happy. You’re nothing but a wild ass coyote. I mean, yeah, you got a nice ass body, but you’re stupid as hell. You’re a clean person,cute, but you’re just fuckable.

I stood and wrapped the towel around my waist. I headed to the showers. She sat on the bed, still shaking, her tears now stopped, and she spoke in a tone that shook my soul,

“Remember, Yalonda? Pastor Bryant’s daughter, your best friend’s daughter. You thought she stole $50 dollars from you when it was in fact Rakim. Yalonda was a good girl. I knew you were fucking and getting her high. I watched you put a bullet to her skull over a wrong assumption. I didn’t flinch because you taught me wrong is wrong even if it is an assumption. You and I both know she didn’t deserve that shit. I watched you beat babies out of bitches wombs because you didn’t want no seeds from them. You made me kill our babies, and I forgave you. I even understood that because of the promise you made to your wife about never bringing a bastard child home.You made men suck each other off for entertainment and drugs. What I never thought you do is fuck over your loyalist and thoroughest rider. You do me dirty. Pastor Bryant was right, karma gone eat at your soul. Say less, and just know your time is coming. Lock the door behind you when you’re done.” She slid on her sweats, a white shirt, no bra, and grabbed her purse. I heard the door slam. 

I took a quick shower, and the words she said normally would have made me chuckle. I shivered not because of the cool water, but Yolanda’s name haunted me. Essence tears spoke of another woman scorned and it affected me. Both of them love me, but my cold heart of steel wouldn’t allow it. Men like me only had the heart for one woman, the rest we could just fuck them and leave them. I dressed quickly, grabbed my keys off the counter and removed hers from the ring. I threw it on the table and thought about sending her a text, but changed my mind. I spoke the truth no matter the hurt it may have caused. If she was a real thorough bitch, she’d accept it and still be loyal because I’m probably the only man that has never lied to her.

I stood in the pissy smelling hallway, the sounds of Bones, Thugs, and Harmony song Tha crossroads played. No one was present, but I felt a cold wind over my body. I took the stairs and with each flight the song grew louder. I pushed the door open and exited to the streets. I could smell the scent of collard greens and pig meat which made me gag. Sitting on the bench was Essence alone smoking a blunt, and drinking a wine cooler. She called out my name three times, and I ignored her. I walked past her quickly, violating my ‌rule to never turn your back on a scorn woman. I heard ‌the gunfire, the screams of the people, and felt the bullets piercing my back. I blinked three times, let out a yell and my knees weakened. My body felt as if a fat chick and her sister were sitting on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I gagged and coughed. My body hit the pavement, and I heard the screams from people. I could feel the bullet cracking my spine, the wetness of the cold blood running down my back. That damn bones, thugs and harmony melody playing in my ear. I opened my eyes and Essence bent down. 

“Just desserts served with a bullet to that ass‌, Aseem. I will meet your cold, heartless ass at the crossroads of hell. She spit in my face. Now, I can do this bid with honor and not have a restless night. Even if you live, I made sure you will never walk again.” She stood up, kicked me in the side and stomped me on my back six times. I heard my spine pop.

The sounds of sirens, and the police officers telling her to freeze. She didn’t run she dropped the gun, and raised her hands in the air. I closed my eyes. There I heard karma utter, “Aseem, this is just the beginning, Mama ain’t even close to being done. I told you I was coming for that ass with no mercy. You should have never killed Yalonda.”

Chapter 2-Tamyara Brown

Essence Prison Song

“Even a servant can make a King bow down.”-Essence 

I felt the baby kick violently as if it was at war with me for shooting her daddy. I was carrying a demon spawn’s child,but I asked Pastor Bryant to pray that my child would not have our evil traits. Aseem’s daughter dwelled in me, conceived her the same day I shot him. The prison gates closed after the count I wallowed to my bed and laid down on the foam mattress and flat pillow. I put my earphones on, and Jazmine Sullivan lyrics penetrated through my soul. I sang from the gut like Ms. Jackson taught me. The baby has moved to the left side of my stomach and I could hear the bitches yell, “shut the fuck up, songbird. You sound good as hell, but it’s late.” I reread the letters from Pastor Bryant, and my cousin Tina they are the only one who wrote me.I played back the scene in my head. I would have never shot him if he said he loved me even if it was a lie. Me shooting him saved our baby’s life Ameen would have made me kill her. Ain’t no one ever loved me, not even my Mama. I have to pay for what I did, but I asked Pastor Bryant to keep my baby inside me safe. She is all I have and my life was in danger. Aseem wanted my soul dead. Fuck him because I made him pay. All the shit I did, and he played with my feelings.

All a woman wants is love and acceptance I don’t give fuck who she is. I’m a lot of things but I’m not a bitch willing to lie to herself. When the judge Randall asked why I shot Aseem. I answered, “because not another motherfucker would violate me again. All I wanted was to be loved, and he stole the idea that I had a chance at it. That was the straw that broke his back.” The female judge looked me in the eye and said, “why didn’t let God handle it?”

I broke out in laughter, “Broads, like me God don’t give two cares about us. This so-call God has mistreated me since birth. Please, your honor with all due respect miss me with all that. I am guilty as charge. Sentence me, but please don’t lecture me about vengeance is the Lord.”

I plead guilty, took the fifteen years to life as a badge of honor. Too many men get away with breaking chicks hearts. If more women made a man pay for disrespecting their heart, we wouldn’t fill up the jail cells sacrificing our souls, and sanity. Men disrespect women because we allow it. We sit believing a motherfucker gonna change. An old G once told me a man does what we women allow. No matter what a man does whether he is fat, crazy, or a murderer there’s always a desperate woman waiting to love him. 

Think about it on some real shit, if a bitch gets fat, no good man wants her. If she loses her looks, no man wants her. The chick who has a bunch of kids, on the welfare rolls and broken they consider you yesterday trash. There is no Prince Charming coming to save us that shit is a fairy tale. I don’t give a damn how many times Tyler Perry tries to convince us that every woman will get that dream man. A woman has to stay seven steps ahead of the game.The truth is a man will always have some broad wanting him whether he is at his lowest or highest. That’s why a bitch has got to stay checking these punks when they do them dirty.I let the next track play, and the beat took over. I spat bars over the beat. 

You untasteful motherfucker, burned a bridge you can no longer cross.

Betrayal made me stomp and shoot you in the back because of the lack of love.

You call me a servant but now it is you being served molly to cure the pain. You made me hate you, and take a bribe from the bitch you love the most.

Your wife who was your life begged me to kill you. Made you pay for the indiscretion against her.

The guard banged on my cell, “Shut, the fuck up crazy bitch for I give you something to sing about. Lights out, songbird.”

Saturday was a visit day for me. The baby moved, and I gushed with joy. I stepped into the cold shower and sang while I scrubbed.

 I brushed my hair into a ponytail. I wore the same green prison pants and white shirt. Funny, how women rarely got visits from the dudes they were riding and dying for. Pastor Bryant came with prayer, a word from God and commissary. They escorted me down the hall, holding my id in my hand. Shalonda with the Apple head and a large black mold was on duty. She was ugly as hell but sweet. 

“Song bird, you know the routine squat, cough and spread that ass. How’s the baby?”

“Good.” I did as instructed.

“Ameen Leviticus is here.” I shivered by the sound of his name.

“I refuse the visit.”

“That is not an option.”

I stepped out the door, placed my hand on my stomach. I handed it to the guard. The fat greasy hair bastard chuckle.

“Row 4, aisle 5.”

I walked towards him and sat. Ameen hazel eyes like his father, his beard shaped his face perfectly, his jaw twitched, his bushy eyebrows gave him a model look. His complexion was mocha brown. He wore a track suit by Tical Athletics the color of purple..

“You came to kill me.” He rubbed his jaw and ran his tongue across his teeth.

“I should, but I have other business with you. I know what my mother pay me to shoot my father. Continue being mum about mother’s part or else.”

“Or else what?” I raised my eyebrow.

“You know me. My or else ain’t ever what you want to fuck with. I’m a changed man but know my instinct to destroy and kill is on point. Every guard is on my payroll.”

“I’m having your little sister. You’d kill your family.”

He moved close to me and snarled. I saw the devil in his eyes, and he replied, “Without losing a wink of sleep. I’m a merciful man and I’m trying to let you live. Be smart and take my mutha fucking safety net plan. Never utter a word about my Mama. So, are you hungry? Do you want something from the snack machine?”

“Sure, a chicken sandwich, salad, snicker and a cranberry juice.”

He stood, and the attendant gave him the food. He walked and greeted several of the guards. Back in the day Ameen and his father sold drugs in Bedford. He flipped that money and invested into the vending machine company. Now he services all the prisons. Ameen was always a thinking man like his mother. 

“So, you knew.”

“Did I know what?”

“Your mother hired me to kill your father?” He shifted in the seat and cleared his throat.”

“My mother dealt with a lot of my father’s sins, betrayals and all I know even the most godly woman can break. She told me the truth,told me she was leaving my father after it all went down.”

I bit into the sandwich and alternated it with bites of the salad.

“Your father has ruined every woman who has fucked with him. Even the woman he claims to be the love of his life and no disrespect to your mother but she isn’t an angel.”

“Why did you take the bribe?”

“I never wanted to, but the moment he told me I was nothing to him. I had to do it. I promised myself to let no dude get away with hurting my feelings. I watch what it did to all the women in my family. Teeth missing, overweight, broken to the fucking core, lost their damn soul and I refuse to let that be me.”

“You knew who he was as a man and from the get go he never loved you.”

I tossed the fork into the bowl. 

“Your mama knew who your father was, a trifling heartless bastard, and she still found a reason to love him. We women see past your shit all the time. That’s our fucking fault for seeing the king in broken ass paupers. Avoiding the truth and believing all his muthafuckers lies. Me and your Mutha just became sick and tired.”

Ameen folded his hands and asked, “It is the reason you’re still living because I know my father ain’t shit. Why haven’t I killed your family? My mother can’t survive jail.”

“And I can, Ameen? I’m having a baby in prison. Your sister,my dude. I own what the fuck I did and ain’t ashamed. Your father doesn’t, and he has a rap sheet longer than Mississippi of misusing women. My grand mama used to say, “every man or woman has to atone for their sins. Every heart you break will come back around.”

I took a sip of the cranberry juice. The visitation room is half full, women’s families visiting them mostly their children and parents. The room doesn’t have loud chattered or long lines of men with packages. I was deep in thought and Ameen tapped on the table.

“You good?”

“Thinking that’s all. Your mother’s name won’t be mentioned. She is just another broken hearted woman like me. A woman cut from a different cloth, but a scorned woman is all the same. Some just aren’t strong enough to fight back.” The guard called for the first round of women to go back.

“Is business done between me and you?”

“Yes. One other thing, what’s up with you and Pastor Bryant?”

“He read what happened in the paper. He prays for me, shows me some kindness and listens to me. I ain’t never had a man act like they care. Even if it is bullshit, a woman needs that.”

“I put money on your books.” He stood and I followed suit. Every step I took with my back turned made me wonder if it was my last step. I thought of the prayer Pastor Bryant taught me repeatedly.” I entered the area and the greasy guard looked over at me and barked orders, “cough, squat and spread your ass.”

I did as commanded and wobbled down the long hallway. I entered my cell, and the friendly guard sat on my cot. Three other female inmates surrounded me, shoved me. The gate closed, and I just pleaded for my child’s life.

“Please don’t kill my baby. Please don’t kill my baby. Have mercy on her soul, she is innocent. Please!!!”

The guard held the night stick in her hand, the two women had shanks in their hand and I knew Ameen had set me up. I swallowed my tears, prayed for a miracle that even if I died, they let my baby live. They all walked towards me ready to attack.

Big Nelly Ready the boss of the jail slid the gate opened and screamed, “leave her the fuck alone. You bitches ain’t hurting no pregnant bitch on my watch. What the fuck is wrong with you twisted bitches? Ameen told me to tell you whatever his mother told you to dead it now.”

They backed up and Nelly turned to me, “bitch,  you lucky as fuck Ameen is on your side. You and your child could be resting in peace.”

The guard and the women exited my cell. Nelly sat on my cot and leaned back. Her hair was red like a white girl, built like a linebacker and muscles like a bodybuilder. She had the guards behind her because rumor was the head dude in charge was her uncle.

“Songbird, you alright?”

“I thought she was my friend.”

She smirked and then chuckled, “Song bird, ain’t nobody loyal anymore that shit is nonexistent. Get this through your thick head. She took two honey buns, a few pops and a bag of chips off my bed. She nodded her head and left. Sanjay would pay for this shit even if it meant a war between Ameen and me.

Chapter 3-Tamyara Brown

The Resurrection of Karma

Yolanda stood over me watching as the doctors were fighting for my life. Yolanda dressed in a white robe, her long hair flowed, her deep brown skin was smooth, deep dimples, and her eyes were a chestnut brown. Scarred with black and blue bruises all over her face caused by me. Dripping with the blood from the bullet wound in her chest. She whispered the words, “I would never hurt you the way you did me. I always loved you Ameen. I was here to save you.” I felt her tears drip on my face and then she disappeared.

The doctors were fighting for me to live, as they worked on my body, but what they couldn’t repair was my soul needing resuscitation. Beside her appeared Karma dressed in all black, straight black hair and Timberlands. Karma leaned into my ear and whispered, “Nah, Aseem I’ll let you live through this suffering and I refuse to let you punk out me. Death is the easy way out, cousin.” They were my ghosts, the women who were chasing me Yolanda to save me and Karma to disgrace me.

I died on the table during surgery twice, and Karma resuscitated me. She breathed life into me to make me suffer. I couldn’t feel my legs, or my feet. I look at the walls that are light gray; I am surrounded by machines. Nurses turning my cripple ass around to clean and bathe me. There stood my son Ameen, my brother Khaleed but not my wife. 

The woman I love was not here. The tears streamed down my face and I could hear Karma thunderous laughter echoing in my head and Bones, thugs, and harmony playing in my head. Just that damn beginning of the intro. It tortured me. Khaleed prayed over me with my son. 


“Where is my mother? Dad needs her. Her phone is going straight to voicemail.” 


“I’m not surprised at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if….” His voice faded and dead silence took over. Ameen blurted out.


“You wouldn’t be surprised if what, Unc?”


“Essence is a loyal soldier to your father and for me, I don’t think she acted alone. She might have acted with passion but Sanjay egged her on. They found an envelope of ten thousand dollars on her. Sanjay’s name is written all over the crime. She has a motive and a hundred reasons, nephew.”


“My mother loves my father.”


“She is also a scorned woman. Rule of Law never sleep on a woman with a broken heart. Money and diamonds doesn’t heal a broken heart but revenge does. Every woman no matter how loyal, can be deadly. Knowing Aseem he let his mouth set off a flame he couldn’t extinguish.”


“What about Pastor Bryant, his ex-best friend? He has reasons for the death of his daughter, money my father stole from him.”


“Your father has a thousand enemies and they all have a reason why to cause harm. He is no saint. What I’m curious and concerned about is how this whole ordeal messes with the bottom line. The business because your father can’t see the snakes in his garden or shut the hell up. Pastor Bryant maybe, but like I said it has Sanjay written all over it.”


“Unc, and Pastor Bryant’s name as well.”


“Josiah Bryant would have killed him with his bare hands. He is not a coward. Nephew, he is your father but eventually, he was going to reap what he sowed. He betrayed many folks. Both you and I know it.”


I listened as karma allowed my family to paint pictures of why it was easy for anyone to put a bullet in me. To want me dead and Khaleed believed my wife, my angel would put a hit on me. This was all Essence doing. She was mad because I said I would never love her. Sanjay would never violate me no matter the hell I put her through. I was in a private room, but I was never alone, every fifteen minutes nurses and doctors made rounds. Someone examining me, the taste of medicine , the cold saline running through my veins and I can’t feel my fucking legs. I can’t sit up and that bitch Essence did it. I was asleep but awake. I feel the cuff squeeze my arm and slowly release. The straw in my dick hurt. I kept my eyes closed prayed for death, but Karma kept her promise of letting breathe another day. I heard the room door close and my family left. The door again opened just like the bitch she was she appeared in all black, timberlands, and ruby red lipstick. Karma hair was straight and hung passed her shoulders.


“Aseem mutherfucking Leviticus. How’s it feel to be flat on your ass? Don’t act like you sleep, Mr. Ruthless I’m all in your brain.”


“I’m not scared of you, bitch!” She sat on the edge of the bed, and lean forward, clutched her hands and twisted her lips.”


“You should be because I am created by you and in your image. I’m the boomerang coming for that ass. For the record, your wife Sanjay is a brilliant bitch. I mean she took your bottom bitch to lunch fed her lobster and truth. Told her that no matter what you could never love her. So Essence invited you over fed you, fuck you and you utter your truth of not loving her. What’s funny is though Essence may not be stable, she was loyal, and good to you. Aseem do you realize you fuck over the people who care the most, but fuck all that shit. I’m here to be the fucking ghost of your past that serves. I’m gone be the thorn in your dick and break you down to humble thyself. Sleep tight and I promise I’ll be back with more bell to dish.


Chapter 4-Tamyara Brown

The Ghost of The Past Named Topanga

Funny, how seeing the one you love on his deathbed will teach you about life. My father and I just spent the day together eating at Juniors. My father broke his own rules turning his back on a scorned woman he knew better. Aseem always made and broke his own rules. As my father’s fate rested in Allah’s hand and it was why I exited the game because easily in a millisecond it could have been me. My mother hired essence to kill him after she discovered he was sleeping with Yolanda. Crazy, how it was Essence who had the hard conversation because of jealousy. It was his ex-best friend daughter, Pastor Josiah Bryant.

Topanga entered his hospital room in a white coat, her name dangling from the white coat that stated Nurse Manager. Topanga’s beautiful face glowed, dressed in a black dress that fit every curve, and sparked feelings I thought I lost. I broke her heart for another woman. Truth is, I was angry she chose college, a career and a better way of living over me. Ego is an ugly bitch when it’s bruised. My way of teaching her a lesson was fucking her dorm roommate. It was grounds for her killing me in my sleep. Instead, she cut off all communication with me. She acted as if I never existed. Five years later and she is caring for my father. Her skin glowed, she still wore her signature bob that cascaded down her back and when saying my name it sent chills up my spine. My karma was seeing the ring on her finger and her last name, of another man. I loved her since kindergarten back when we played in the pissy hallways to the day we were each other respite. Just like I remember her smile and the love we shared as friends but also lovers.

 “Hello, Ameen.” Her voice was cold, stern and professional. She folded her arms and stared me straight in the eyes. I couldn’t do the same because my conscious wasn’t clear.

“A nurse manager.I never thought you would go into the medical field. How are you?”

 “I’m well. I’m sorry about your father. I made sure my team will give him the best of care.” She touched my shoulder.

 “He will never walk again. The doctors said his spine is severed.”

 “I’m aware, Ameen. We will work on a care plan for him once we release him.” I rubbed my hand across my face, and finally faced her.

“We have the money. “I know.”

“Is your husband a doctor?” 


“I’m sorr….” She cut me off.

 “Forgiven and moved forward.” She raised her hand. 

“Are you happy?”

“I’m well, Ameen. Thank you for asking.”

 The sounds of the machines, the beep of the heart monitor was the lyrics of words unspoken. I left pain in her heart, and here she was being my blessing while I was her curse.

 “Your father is a strong man, this will pass. Essence is all over the news. I always knew she’d be his downfall.”

 “Me too.”

“Or sins to atone for.”

We both knew my father was a ruthless and reckless man. Brooklyn hospital brought back memories of me holding her while she cried over her mother’s death. AIDS had stolen both of her parents. Topanga was a miracle hero, the odds against her and she defied them.

 “Why this hospital?”

 “I can help save the lives of my community. As much as I hate Brooklyn I love it the same. I can feel my mother and father here.There are none of us with brown and black faces that called the shots. Something led here me, you know. “

 “I know I am forgiven, and you moved forward. I have to ask. Please let me.”

 “Ameen, the chapter is closed.”

“If it is closed, then why can’t I ask the question.”

 “I don’t want to bring up old shit. Closure is acceptance of a decision a person has made.”

 “Or fear of the real reason you won’t hash it out with me. Our old shit was never resolved. Your little girl on your Instagram page looks just like me. Your smile and dimples, my hazel eyes and hair texture. Is she my daughter?”


“Ameen, everything isn’t yours?”

 “I’m not talking about everything, I’m talking about the five-year-old child that might be mine.”

 “I have other rounds to make. It was traumatizing to see you again. Your father will get the best of care. Be well.” She turned on her heels and before she left I said, “you hurt me too, Topanga. Everything that went down is because you hid your heart from me. When I revealed mine to you.”

 “As I stated you’re forgiven, and I moved on.”


She left, my father’s eyes fluttered, the team entered and spoke about my father. Topanga tapped her fingers on the iPad. She glanced at me every so often. They did the examination and left.

“Son.” My father’s eyes fluttered again. He coughed. “Dad, yes.”

“To…pa.nag isn’t o…Kay. You…as…ked is she ha..ppy and she never said yes.” “Dad, I know.”

“I can’t feel my legs. I can’t…I can’t…move.” He took several breaths.His chest rose and fell. “ You will never walk again.”

He said nothing, closed his eyes, swallowed and a tear fell. “Ess…ence.”

“She is in jail.”

“Kill Essence and her family. Then go get your future wife and daughter. She still loves you.”


My father closed his eyes and set forth a mission of revenge at his worst hour of truth. On top summons me to fight for Topanga and my daughter. I was out of the life of crime. A businessman who gave up killing. The life of a murderer was buried, but was a part of me.

Killing was an itch always desiring to be scratched. Topanga was the love of my life, and my heart was at unrest. Her daughter was mine. The Leviticus family went and conquered even if meant being dethroned.

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