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Urban Fiction with a lot of Romance, a touch of suspense, and addressing topics about love, life & healing through fictional stories.

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Does "Love" Really Conquer All?

Blue has turned his life around after a ten-year bid in prison into a successful entrepreneur. His mission is to build generational wealth for his family. Blue cannot seem to balance it all and resorts to other ways to cope with his stress. Treasure, the guilt of her ex-husband’s death tortures his wife, and laid off from her executive position she falls into a deep depression. She seeks help from a handsome and charming therapist who is falling in love with her. They crossed emotional lines when Blue isn’t attentive to Treasure’s needs lately. Can Blue and Treasure’s marriage be saved when their bond is being broken by both their bad decisions of the past and present?
Tasiyana Matters has been chosen to author a controversial article in a prestigious newspaper about corruption in the black churches of Buffalo. It is the perfect payback from all the church hurt she has endured with the “mean girls” of the church. Once her intentions are discovered by her husband, Pastor William Matters he forbids her to have it published or it will end their marriage. Will Tasiyana defy her husband’s wishes even if means losing her husband?
Lyrical loves the finer things in life while her husband Dru believes in saving for a rainy day. When Lyrical beauty Salon and Spa takes off, she spends even more. When her hasty spending habits cause troubles in their marriage and business relationship all hell breaks loose when Dru gives her an ultimatum to stop spending or lose him as a husband.



Fact: Every King Must Know- Karma is a Ruthless Bitch. She will get you at your happiest moment, or when a bitch is sucking your dick. When your pockets are overflowing with money, and everything is right.That is when  she comes to make you reap what you sowed. The thing about Karma when you’re laying on your deathbed, with a tube down your throat and begging to live she strikes. She brings up all the old shit you did. The faces of the people you made cry, every pain you caused, every bitch or nigga you betrayed. There you are at her mercy, she refuses to give grace because she’s coming to pay back. She gives two fucks about your tears or fears. Ain’t no numbing or running from Karma’s punishment because you created her with your actions. As the bullets went through my back, I didn’t shed a tear. She came with the vengeance that I put out. She made me pay what I owed her. She’s the only bitch I allowed to make me cry. Karma is the only broad I can never defeat. They’re paralyzed with nowhere to go she replayed my sins from beginning to end. Made me realize one thing karma is like a boomerang; it is the vicious cycle you create.

Aseem Leviticus


The three L’s will fuck you over all the time Love, Lust, and Lotto.


The three L’s will fuck you over all the time Love, Lust, and Lotto. Love is the fuckery these dumb broads believe in when they meet their so-called soul mate. Lust is the warm fuzzy feeling in your cooch or your nut sack that causes you to cheat. Lotto is all about the win but too many of us know like love and lust it is all a gamble. We can lose the bank and come up empty-handed. So, I found In my lifetime; I had better luck with lotto than love. Lust dissipates and after I say, “Damn, that felt good.” I have not a problem with offing your life for a cash deposit in my account. I may not have someone to love, but money and power can make you cum harder than any man or woman can. 

How do we fall for the myth of the “perfect man” or “woman”? They make you goosh in your bush when he gets down on one knee and asks the magical question, “Will you marry me?” Broads Becomes so intoxicated off the notion “he or she will never lie, cheat, or break your heart because he chose you to be his wife. They have a grand wedding, a honeymoon, bought the house, the car, the two babies, and the dog. Sounds like the perfect marriage and the best love story, right? 

Love blurs your common sense with the illusion of great sex, money, & pretty babies. It doesn’t matter if Mister doesn’t want the first baby because out of being young, stupid, and naïve you give up your daughter to make him happy. You give up your career because mister needs to feel like the king of the castle. So, it doesn’t look bad in the eyes of the executives and his rich family. Young, gifted, and black he taught you to choose your career before family. Love puts on blinders because, in reality, you have dreamt of this man all your life.

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