As a writer, I must keep on writing - audience or no audience. It is in my writing I taste life to accept, change, forgive, and heal.

Tamyara Brown

About Me

The Perfectly Imperfect Writer

Tamyara has endured some traumatic setbacks, some caused by her own ability to see life, people, and being in her own way. Tamyara admits she feared her dreams and destiny.Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY on the block of Gates Avenue raised by her Aunt Cookie who was the best storyteller. It was her Uncle Khalid who said, “Write to heal your heart.” She listened and began with poetry, then short stories, and novels she never finished.

Tamyara to date has written eight novels, written for four magazines, has a podcast with over 14,000 listens of all time. She is a graphic and website designer who currently owns a web hosting service. 

Tamyara remains grateful, humble, and resilient because she is perfectly imperfect. Tamyara’s mission is to assist other women to always have the audacity to rise, anyway through her mistakes, trials, and tribulations. 

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