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Tamyara Brown is an Amazon Best-Selling Author of B.L.A.H Diaries which instantly rose to No. 1. She continues to have ongoing success with Cash & Money, Love Has No Waist Size and Gatekeepers of Secrets all have peaked as high as No. 3 in Urban romance, and Contemporary Fiction.

When reading Tamyara’s books she can either make you cry, think she is crazy, a true thug or in need of a real sinful man. It is the perfect mixture of what classifies her books as a page-turner. She pours her heart and soul into every line she writes. She creates with passion and love for the underdog, the lost and the forgotten. Why? Life at one time left her broken, lonely, angry &horny. It was through writing and graphic design she found her inner strength to continue on.

To date, she’s written ten novels, and written in four anthologies. She won second place in UBAWA 1st poetry contest; she has written over 250 blog posts for Medium. 

B.L.A.H Diaries to over 11,700 listeners.

Tamyara has written for digital magazines such as Dreams Pathways Magazine, Black WNY Magazine, and Nia Magazine.

Tamyara has written about amazing celebrities from Method man, Opera Singer Angela Brown, Remy Ma, Movie Directors Mark Harris, and Kimberly Connor, the first African-American president of Society of American Magicians, Kenrick McDonald — known in the magical world as “ICE.” Missy Elliot. 

She is also a graphic designer who creates logos, digital and print work. Oh, let her not forget she can create a dope website or a dozen. Hire her she creates outside of the box. 

She is a proud mother of six children, four beautiful grandchildren, a survivor of a lot of hardships, but,she continues to persist.

Who is she, really no filter or chaser? A woman who loves to laugh. A breast cancer survivor, A caregiver to her son who kicks FSGS (a rare kidney disease) ass every day. She is a loner but loves people. Weird in every sense of the word. Some people have called her a mess or told her she’s messed up everything. For years it had power over her life until one day she owned the word literally (buying the word) and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece. Her mission is to help women who are the underdogs to laugh more, cry less,  love themselves through her writing, podcasting, and graphic design. 



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