Does Love Really ConQuer All?

The Roundtable of Truth About Love & Marriage

Blue has turned his life around after a ten-year bid in prison into a successful entrepreneur. His mission is to build generational wealth for his family. Blue cannot seem to balance it all and resorts to other ways to cope with his stress. Treasure, the guilt of her ex-husband’s death tortures his wife, and laid off from her executive position she falls into a deep depression. She seeks help from a handsome and charming therapist who is falling in love with her. They crossed emotional lines when Blue isn’t attentive to Treasure’s needs lately. Can Blue and Treasure’s marriage be saved when their bond is being broken by both their bad decisions of the past and present?
Tasiyana Matters has been chosen to author a controversial article in a prestigious newspaper about corruption in the black churches of Buffalo. It is the perfect payback from all the church hurt she has endured with the “mean girls” of the church. Once her intentions are discovered by her husband, Pastor William Matters he forbids her to have it published or it will end their marriage. Will Tasiyana defy her husband’s wishes even if means losing her husband?
Lyrical loves the finer things in life while her husband Dru believes in saving for a rainy day. When Lyrical beauty Salon and Spa takes off, she spends even more. When her hasty spending habits cause troubles in their marriage and business relationship all hell breaks loose when Dru gives her an ultimatum to stop spending or lose him as a husband.

Having the Audacity
To Write From The Heart!

It takes courage to write from a place that isn’t always pretty. I write authentic stories that challenge us to look at life through different lenses. I write every novel to touch the mind & hearts of each of my readers. Join me for a beautiful journey with rich characters, stories that are relatable with an urban flavor, mixed with a tea jerker experience and hope for the underdog.

About Tamyara

Ever since Tamyara was eleven years old, she wanted to write novels. To bring her dreams to fruition is such a beautiful gift of love and a lot of labor. When you think of Tamyara she is a lover of everything creative. Words in so many ways saved her life by reminding her that every page in life has a turning point. Writing heals and gives Tamyara the strength to go on simply by creating characters full of hope on the darkest days.

Tamyara’s life hasn’t been easy, but one thing is for certain and two things are for sure she has found the audacity to accomplish her goals. Tamyara was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. To escape the traumas and dramas from her harsh reality she put pen to paper writing poetry, short stories and essay

Books By Tamyara

Blue's Treasure

Fat Girl Vigilante

I'm Still Here!

Why I Write....

Writing is Fuel to My Soul!

As a writer, I remember the hurts and pains that broke my heart. I had to decide to either let it destroy me or heal from it by writing. I paint pictures with words to help someone never feel the pain that I’ve endured. Writing reminds me I can create a happy ending for my life and my characters.

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Broke, Lonely, Angry & Horny is my weekly podcast that deals with helping women turn their mess into a masterpiece. Interviews, real conversation and having the audacity to rise up anyway in their personal life, career, and emotional health.

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